Automatically generated coupon codes

Anyone know how this works?

I’d like to do something like if order subtotal is more than $50, give a auto generated coupon code for $10 off next order.

I’m in Catalog → Promotions. I can add a “cart promotion”, make a condition and add an “automatically generated coupon code” from the drop down menu, but it says “No data found”. Are these generated somewhere else?

Can you also limit the amount of coupons to be used? Say I only want to honor 50 of them, then the coupon is no longer valid. I see dates from and thru and no quantity limits.

Any help is appreciated!

Go cart promo, then add condition if order subtotal is greater than say…50, the dont add any more condistions, but switch to next tab at top BONUSes, then here enter give coupon for whatever value you want…and also dont use $ sign or it will be rejected.

edit…dont give coupon…give gift certificate


first click "Give coupon: " at bonuses (it will show “no data” don’t worry)

then click "Automatically generated coupon codes: " at conditions (“no data” again, don’t worry)

then go again at bonuses to see that the “no data” changed to XXX coupon

OK, I can get everything to show.

I have a promotion, I have if total >= amount and generate coupon, in conditions

I have give coupon in bonuses… but the only coupon it shows to give is the same name as the one I am building.??

Where do I specify what discount I will give on the next order (with the new coupon code)??

Setup a different promotion for that coupon code.

Yes, I have tried that, and it seems to apply the new discount.

However I was hoping it would supply a coupon code to the customer that coudl be used next time an order is placed.

It will but you need to specify that coupon code. And then if you want it to do something it needs to be setup.

Can someone post a step by step set of directions to do this. I’d like to go two routes:

  1. Spend $50.00 or greater get a coupon for your next order for 25% off. Email them coupon code NextTime1 or an auto generated coupon 1 time use coupon. I assume this would be included in their order confirmation email?

  2. Buy Product, A, B and C, get 25% off your next order. Email them coupon code NextTime1 or an autogenerated 1 time use coupon. I assume this would be included in their order confirmation email?

    I’m new to CS cart and some directions would be helpful. I have regular 25% off all items coupons made and coupons that apply to specific products. So I understand how those work, but I’d like to have an auto gen coupon code emailed to the customer if conditions 1 or 2 are met. I checked the cs cart KB and don’t see anything on setting these types of coupons up.