Automatical email sent to incomplete order buyer

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Just go through the forum but can't find the answer yet.

Incomplete orders should be a part of sales plan. It is very important to get a incomplete order become complete order as possible as we can

an email will make this chance.

How to get this work ?

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Not the answer you are looking for but, we change to “open” status and an email is sent.

I manually send an email if the order is incomplete after several hours. A customer may have thought the order went through when it did not.

I would not want an email to go out too soon. Some orders would have the status change after 10 minutes or more. There is a delay from Amazon, PayPal and my credit card processor. Many times the customer comes back and completes the order in an hour or more.

I have started an email to a customer when I saw an incomplete order and right before i was going to send it, it changed status.


Yeah, always wait at least some hours. I've had some orders taking more then a day (paypal) to move to complete.

Yeah, i think we all do it this way.

But it will be much better for the email can be sent automatically after one or two hours… as you know, you can always watch the sites, specially on weekend. right


Maybe this add-on can do it : Auto Mailer

it seems not work on incomplete order[list]



]One or more of a certain product was purchased.

[]Total order amount greater than some value

]A particular payment method was used.

[*]All orders placed.