Automatic "reminder emails"

I would like CS to be able to send an automated email to sales say 7 days after the order was placed online to remind our warehouse/printing dept that the order deadline of 7 days is close fpr that particular order.

Any body got a clue?



We’ve just devbeloped an addon that will do precisely that for another client. We have not yet commercialized it. If we do, it would probably be priced in the $50 - $80USD range. Is this something you’d be interested in?

Currently it allows you to define the “reorder days” for each product (default used if not set). It allows you to set up the max number of emails to be sent related to an order and the next “period” to send them in (I.e. 3 times, 7 days apart). It also is configurable to remove future emails if the customer logs in after their order has been placed (I.e. they don’t need a reminder).

There’s also “active periods” so you can specify when orders placed within a time frame will have remiders sent and when the last email should be sent.

There is a “manage” view in the admin panel for “Future reminder emails” so you can delete or adjust specific future reminders.

Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll look into commercializing it.

definately interested,


Me 2

Me too!

it will be good maybe if we can control this too with rules? If… then… with sending coupons, testimonial request that customer can write a rating…?