Automatic product price update cs-cart version 2.2.4.


I'm testing cs-cart vesion 2.2.4 but I can't figure out a problem - when I modify a currency rate the product prices don't update automatically but if I go on some product, click on edit then cancel/ save the price will update. *Version 3 is not a solution for me so i must stay on 2.2.4.

I've searched in the php files but couldn't find the right file for this price update. I'm used to Joomla and Cs-Cart seems to have a different structure.

Please help me if you can or know.

And two more things, is there a module for importing/ exporting xls, xml, csv and how can I add a new menu link in the administration back-end?

Have a nice day!

Thank you!


Please someone help me!

I managed to add a new admin menu tab but for the rest I haven't found a solution…