Automatic Back In Stock Based On Avail Since Date.


Does anyone know if it is possible for the cart to automatically put a product back in stock on a specific date?

When I have products out of stock I have a date when they will be available, I use the Avail Since date to display this and use the Sign up for notification feature.

However, unless I manually add a positive stock level to the product, the date before the due in stock date, the automatic email is sent out to the customer with the link to purchase the product, the due in date is removed from the product page, but, it is still out of stock.

Is there a way for the product to be put back in stock based on the Avail Since date automatically, or does this have to be done earlier.

If manually, is there a way to change the time the automatic emails go out to the customer, so we can change the stock levels first thing in the morning before the emails go out, I believe the emails are sent out 05:00 as standard.

Many thanks.

Unfortunately, additional code modifications are required to do it. We can create a script which will be run by cron and update necessary information in the database