Automated Related Products Addon/Module

Hello everyone,

I am getting ready to hire a professional developer to create an Automated Related Products Addon this week. The module will be created for CS Cart 2.1.4 only (have been it since 2010 and do not want to upgrade) and will probably be fully developed in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

My question is, would anyone currently running 2.1.4 be interested in purchasing this at a much reduced price? This would cut costs down for everyone since I’ve already seen a high demand for it after searching for it myself. If I get enough interest, perhaps I will have the module developed for 2.2.X and 3.X.X versions.

The addon will function roughly as follows:

The admin will need to create a universal block to the product pages he/she wants the related products to be added to. Admin will then need to add the provided code to the block. The script will then automatically generate random related products based on what category the target product is labeled as. For example, if the product is located in the category: “Electronics > Cell Phones” then the related products will come from the “Cell Phones” category for that particular product page.

The addon will be updated daily via cron command (can be edited to be updated to whenever.) The admin can also updated the related products module manually via the “Addon” section.

The script will only add products that are “In Stock.”

More Specifications:

  1. Once the admin installs the addon following the instructions, a new addon section will be created in the “Administration > Addons” section of the admin panel titled “Automatic Related Products”

  2. The admin can click “edit” and change the number of products to be listed in the block. For example, a some users may wish to only display 4 products. Others may want 6 products, etc…

  3. The admin will also have the ability to generate the list manually by clicking a link similar to: [color=“#0066cc”]dispatch=automated_related_products.generate_products [/color]

    Users who purchase this addon will not have any official support for additional features or bugs that arise after installing the addon since I am not a developer myself. Once it is working flawlessly on my own website, I will make it available for sale.

    Let me know your ideas as I would love to hear your feedback.



I am using 3.x version… how much price would be ?

I sent you a message yesterday regarding this add-on, which I have developed for V3. It allows related products to be automatically generated by 2 ways:-

Display products within the same category.

Display products in relation to product search words.

I will have the add-on up very soon.

Hi Can you give me more details about this addon? Send me an PM please.