automate user register at checkout

I am running v1.3.4-sp3.

If this is discussed in detail in another thread, be kind, I am juggling 100 tasks right now. Please link me to that thread.

I am trying to force all unregistered users to submit a new user name and password at the checkout window.

This would occur when an unregistered user is shopping and selects products for purchase.

The checkout screen pops up in this process and asks the user to enter their name, address, email, etc, etc.

As it is now, an unregistered user can fill out this info and proceed to purchase.

I do not want this to be possible. Rather, I would like all users to be sent to the registration page. This page not only asks for user personal information (name, address, email, etc), but also asks for a new username and password.


You need to tick the checkbox for the “Disable anonymous checkout” option User/Cart section of General Settings.