Automate Processing

Has anyone created something to make this cart automated, I have certain orders that I want to drop in as complete as long as the payment is recieved but the default apparently is processed and I have to manaully go in and place it to complete. hoping someone can tell me how to automate this.

You can try to modify the script in payments, whichever one you are using. At the end of mine I have:

if ($_result[1] === '1') {
$pp_response['order_status'] = 'P';
} elseif($_result[1] === '5') {
// 5=AVS Failure
$pp_response['order_status'] = 'Z';
// 2=Denied
$pp_response['order_status'] = 'D';
else {
$pp_response['order_status'] = 'F';

Which payment processor are you using?

i am using and paypal. I will try your suggestion and see if that can help to bring some automation in this thing.

Do you know if you can send information directly into this cart? LIke if someone registers at my forum can I send the data through the api to cs-cart to have it auto create an account?

So if you are using authorizenet_aim.php as your processor page, the programmer has defined an array

$processor_error['order_status'] = array(
"1" => "P",
"2" => "D",
"3" => "F",
"4" => "O" // Transaction is held for review... I think open order status is good for such situation

Which shows what status is assigned for each processor status. 1 = approved and it is assigned a P for processed. You could change that P to a C and test it out.

okay I changed it to C and it works great it does everything for me so i dont have to go in as admin.

It works good with but with paypal it refuses to give the reward points , it directs to the user to paypal and on return it says processed but no reward points are given.

is there a way to forced it to give the reward points?