Auto Suggest v4.0.x

Our new Addon “Auto Suggest”, the Google like suggestion tool, (suggest products while you write in the search box), is ready for the v4.0.x

With image thumbnail and size settings, type of search (all words, accurate phrase) and the ability to choose where to search in a product (Title, description, keywords) is a must have for your v4 CS-Cart.

See more at [url=“”][/url]

Looks nice!

excellent add-on. Thank you Fotis it works great.

Only comment is that with the floating blocks from Alt-team and the search bar floating if I am in the middle of the page the search results don't appear aligned with the search bar but they have an offset some centimeters bellow and to the right.


it is problably a matter of css. Pm me your page to find a solution.