Auto-Resize Your Iframes

I recently found a decent script that works wonders for auto-resizing your iframes to match the height of the iframe’s page. Also without borders your iframe will now appear to be embedded content.

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```Javascript File
* DYNIFS - Dynamic IFrame Auto Size v1.0.0
* Copyright (C) 2006, Markus (phpMiX)
* This script is released under GPL License.
* Feel free to use this script (or part of it) wherever you need
* it ...but please, give credit to original author. Thank you. :-)
* We will also appreciate any links you could give us.
* Enjoy! ;-)

var DYNIFS = {
// Storage for known IFrames.
iframes: {},
// Here we save any previously installed onresize handler.
oldresize: null,
// Flag that tell us if we have already installed our onresize handler.
ready: false,
// The document dimensions last time onresize was executed.
dim: [-1,-1],
// Timer ID used to defer the actual resize action.
timerID: 0,
// Obtain the dimensions (width,height) of the given document.
getDim: function(d) {
var w=200, h=200, scr_h, off_h;
if( d.height ) { return [d.width,d.height]; }
with( d.body ) {
if( scrollHeight ) { h=scr_h=scrollHeight; w=scrollWidth; }
if( offsetHeight ) { h=off_h=offsetHeight; w=offsetWidth; }
if( scr_h && off_h ) h=Math.max(scr_h, off_h);
return [w,h];
// This is our window.onresize handler.
onresize: function() {
// Invoke any previously installed onresize handler.
if( typeof this.oldresize == 'function' ) { this.oldresize(); }
// Check if the document dimensions really changed.
var dim = this.getDim(document);
if( this.dim[0] == dim[0] && this.dim[1] == dim[1] ) return;
// Defer the resize action to prevent endless loop in quirksmode.
if( this.timerID ) return;
this.timerID = setTimeout('DYNIFS.deferred_resize();', 10);
// This is where the actual IFrame resize is invoked.
deferred_resize: function() {
// Walk the list of known IFrames to see if they need to be resized.
for( var id in this.iframes ) this.resize(id);
// Store resulting document dimensions.
this.dim = this.getDim(document);
// Clear the timer flag.
this.timerID = 0;
// This is invoked when the IFrame is loaded or when the main window is resized.
resize: function(id) {
// Browser compatibility check.
if( !window.frames || !window.frames[id] || !document.getElementById || !document.body )
// Get references to the IFrame window and layer.
var iframe = window.frames[id];
var div = document.getElementById(id);
if( !div ) return;
// Save the IFrame id for later use in our onresize handler.
if( !this.iframes[id] ) {
this.iframes[id] = true;
// Should we inject our onresize event handler?
if( !this.ready ) {
this.ready = true;
this.oldresize = window.onresize;
window.onresize = new Function('DYNIFS.onresize();');
// This appears to be necessary in MSIE to compute the height
// when the IFrame'd document is in quirksmode.
// OTOH, it doesn't seem to break anything in standards mode, so...
if( document.all ) = '0px';
// Resize the IFrame container.
var dim = this.getDim(iframe.document); = (dim[1]+30) + 'px';

Excellent iframe script, I added frameborder="0" (for IE) and width="100%"

Thanks, Mde

After much searching around, I realized that this needs to be imbedded in the page that calls the iframe, thus:

```php {literal}



[/COLOR] ```

Hope this helps. No need to call this js all the time if it’s only needed on a certain page (ie: SnoRocket’s Knowledgebase).