Auto populate Biling Address Details

At Checkout, how can I get the Contact Details to auto populate the Billing Address details.

Customers don’t like having to enter the same data twice.

You see, in Russia no one asks their customers if they like it or don’t like it.

“Just do it” is their motto.

Maybe, but it should be made as easy as possible for customers to purchase, not make it that more difficult.

Does this mean there’s no solution?.

I think that there is a post somewhere in the forums explaining how to do this.

This issue is being addressed in the new checkout for version 2.1.


As a fix, I have deselected all input at Checkout for Contact Information (apart from mandatory email address) and enable all fields under Contact Information.

I went ahead and wrote a little code using My Changes addon that would copy the first/last names from contact info to billing/shipping info if the associated billing/shipping fields are empty. If anyone wants to try it, you can see more details on this post:


2.1 has completely changed the way this works.

However, it still does not auto populate the Billing Address!!!

Does anyone have a temporary fix for this?