Auto-Generate Customized Product Codes for your Products

[size=6]Product Code Generator[/size]

[color=#ff0000]If you are migrating from CS-Cart 3.x to 4.x this is a MUST have![/color]

Product Code Generator (CS-Cart 3.x AND 4.x Addon) is an addon that generates customized product codes for products listed in the CS-Cart store.


* Automatically generate product codes for existing and new products
* Create product codes based on supplier, category, product name, product ID, random numbers
* Update settings to manage the number of characters in each product code.

For up-to-date installation and setup notes, visit the FAQ:


* Download from repository
* Unzip the zip file
* Open addons/ folder and copy the tsp_product_code_generator to [your cscart install dir]/addons/
* Open CS-Cart Administration Control Panel
* Navigate to Settings-> Addons
* Find the "The Software People: Product Code Generator" addon and click "Install"
* After Install, from the Addons listing click on Settings for "The Software People: Product Code Generator"
* Update the settings based how you wish product codes to be generated.


* When creating a product for the first time, leave the product code blank and upon save a new code will be
generated based on your settings.
* If you wish to change all of the product codes you currently have in the store, Navigate to Products->Products
in Admin area. Select all the products you wish to change codes for.
* At the bottom of the list, click on "Choose Action->Edit Selection"
* On the popup, unselect all except product code and click "Modify Selected"
* Leave all the product codes blank and click Save


Thank you for downloading the Product Code Generator for CS-Cart 1.0
If you find any issues, please report them in the issue tracker on our website:


Copyright 2013 The Software People, LLC


Now updated to support V4. See Product Code Generator.

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Simple but nice. Works well. Worth $10 to save me the effort - thank you.

Thank you I can not tell you how much it helped when upgrading from 3.x to 4.x. I lost my product IDs initially and it corrupted my database and if it wasn't for those last 3 digits being the product ID from the product code I would be in big trouble…I shudder at the thought lol

i write about this module in contact form, waiting for answer.

Hey 4Club we just put out the release that you wanted. I think it is an excellent enhancement!

  • For you watchers, now you can generate product codes in bulk with just 1 click of a button. If you ever export, or import your code you will always have a method of identifying your products now. Also, they can be in a format that makes sense for you. Now product codes can be smart, now you can auto-generate them on the fly each time you add a new product. I remember I use to try to remember what format my products codes were in lol…now everything is SO simple for me now.!

    Auto updates are coming to all of our plugins as well. Pay one time, get updates for life with all of our plugins!

4Club has over 75000…not 7500 but 75000 and we had to make major adjustments to the tool to support large stores. We have a special addition now that does not perform unnecessary checks for invalid product codes and speeds up the process. Hopefully it has 4Club's seal of approval. I really wanted him to be able to organize his products with product codes.

im interested to buy this

wil it work o a english and dutch langauge website

i have now 350 product adn there wil b 1800 added soon

wil the 1000 and mre also work on less in the beginning and what about updates