Auto capitilization on customer registration forms

We have an auto capitilization mod we are currently using in our zen cart store. Great if you have OCD and like to keep a clean, uniform database.

I cannot stand things like this getting through:

john sMith

14 south street

sYDNEY 2000


the mod changes each word to scentence case as the customer types it in to the registration form, so all you ever end up with is nice tidy records from scratch, eg:

John Smith

14 South Street

Sydney 2000


The mod for zen cart is available here Captialize Sign-up Fields - Zen Cart Plugins

has anyone ported this for use with cs-cart? does cs-cart have a similar mod available? if not how would we go about getting this setup

I was just reading how to do this in the Smarty Documentation:


$smarty->assign('articleTitle', 'next x-men film, x3, delayed.');

Where the template is:


Will output:

next x-men film, x3, delayed.
Next X-Men Film, x3, Delayed.
Next X-Men Film, X3, Delayed.

I guess you could just go through your templates and stick |capitalize on everything that you want to format.

Hi every one, i'm in need of a little help, i want to capitalize the letters on addresses and peoples names with i have succeeded. But did run to a little problem.

Now using {text-transform:capitalize;} does the job but it will not save the names with capitalize in the database, it will only out put them on screen.

I have used the following {$value|capitalize} witch works but unlike {text-transform:capitalize;} witch will transform the first letter right away, {$value|capitalize} will only transform the first letter when you press save. The first save it will save it untransform making you having to press save twice for it to save it to the database.

Anyone knows any solution for this?


OK i have come up with a much better way if any one is intrested.



Then you just need to add the #elm_ with the id to as the example above.