Auto Approve Vendor Editing Information

Is there any configuration when vendor edit their information or profile, i try to edit vendor information and the status because pending is there any way to make it approved automatically

thank you.

Do you want to allow profile updates after first approval only? Or vendor should be always approved automatically

Hi Ecom,

I just want to allow profiles update not vendor approved,

thank you.

Sorry. Looks like I misunderstood your questions. I have logged in the vendor area, changed company information and profile account data. As a result, vendor status was not changed. Please advise

Hi Ecom,

Thank you for your response, i got this message when updating the profile

Are you sure that you want to update the profile? Information about your company will not be available in the customer area until the administrator approves it.

Looks like vendor data premoderation addon is installed on you store.

In this case , you can open the app/addons/vendor_data_premoderation/func.php file and replace

$company_data['status'] = 'P';


//$company_data['status'] = 'P';

(!) Not tested

Thank you Ecom,

look like it's working

You are welcome! :)