Having problems with my Authorize settings - I’ve read through all the forums, but can’t seem to find a fix.

My order seems to be transacting fine, but then I get a final error message saying: “Your order has been declined by the payment processor. Please review your information and contact store administration.” I’m using my own CC, so I know the CC isn’t the problem.

The cart and Authorize are both set to ‘Live’. The orders are processing as far as the cart is concerned - I have this message in the ‘Payment Processor Response’ area of the actual order: “This account has not been given the permission(s) required for this request.”

Authorize, however, has no record of receiving anything - logical since it seems to be a permissions problem. Just not sure what permissions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

How new is your merchant account? Mine did not become active for about 3 days… I had access to my account but the transactions were all declined because the merchant bank wasn’t active.

It’s actually an old account that was in use with another cart - we’re upgrading to CS-Cart, which I love, but just can’t get this last little bug figured out.

Did you set up your API Login info and Transaction key in CS-Cart?

Yes - and MD5 Hash value - how important is the MD5 Hash?

[quote name=‘char60’]Yes - and MD5 Hash value - how important is the MD5 Hash?[/QUOTE]

I don’t use it on mine … I’d go to and generate a new Transaction key… also double check your Login code… from searching your error on google it seems that the login/key are the culprit.

You are my hero :>) I actually already re-generated the transaction key, thinking maybe it was old, or something. The problem was, I had put my Authorize account login into the cart settings, not the API login ID - feeling kind of dumb right now. Any way, thanks for taking the time to search for the answer (should have thought of that too) - and finding it!

Have a great rest of the day!!

Cool… Glad it works!

[quote name=‘char60’]Yes - and MD5 Hash value - how important is the MD5 Hash?[/QUOTE]

The MD5 is VERY important. It contains the ‘key’ to use passwords.

In short : Passwords that are MD5’d turn into long strings of letters and numbers, and when you add what’s called a SALT (SHA_), you get even more complex and nearly non-decodable.

Your MD5 Hash needs to remain safe and secret. With it, it is possible to reverse the MD5 using a rainbow table or brute-forcer. It’s like giving your house key to a theif