Older Script Makes A Secure Page, Unsecure

Over the past few weeks it appears that has changed something in its “Verified Merchant Seal” program. We noticed on our site that our sales dropped drastically after the first of the year to where we were doing good to get 1 order a day outside of phone orders. So after doing a little research I realized when a customer went to the “view cart” page they were getting an error that said something on the page was not safe or secure. It ended up being the Verified Merchant Seal that was returning the error. I tried to contact Anet via live help but all the person could tell me was I had to add the domain without the “www” which did not help anything. I finally just created a new script on their site, installed it on my and it then worked fine. My conspiracy guess is they did not want to admit that they changed something in the script that was messing up my site…which was quite irritating. But it probably boils down to the fact that their support team didn't have a clue that whatever changes they made at the beginning of the year screwed up some of the older scripts.

I wanted to let others know just in case you are getting the same error.

So I am curious, how many people still use the “Verified Merchant Seal” anymore? I actually ended up turning it off. There have been too many times when one of these “scripts” from a 3rd party have screwed up checkout or slowed down our site. Not to mention all it really ends up being is free advertisement for

Clips - have you found in the past that you get fewer orders with the seal than without? Personally, I think too many people rely on these seals and I rarely every see stats showing they've been clicked. Sometimes silence is golden!

Sorry I didn't answer any sooner. For some reason I no longer get emails from post I am following in the forums.

On the seals, there was a time when it was crucial. I'm not so sure now. We are upgrading some of the sites and on the upgrade I am no longer installing them. We'll see what happens.