Accept Hosted Method

Does anyone know if the Accept Hosted method has been developed for CS-Cart? The Accept Hosted method is supposed to look more like the AIM method by having the payment form on your page but allows you to be SAQ-A Level for PCI Compliance. Here is the link that explains it.

Dear jalpert,

We have developed one but we have not yet included the hosted solution for We can customize that add-on further for you as per your requirements. Please feel free to contact us at

Thank You!

We failed to find such a module on the marketplace. If you do not find ready to use solution, feel free to contact us to get a free quote.

We too can do that development for you.

You may contact us too to get a free quote!

Might I also suggest switching to Squarepay. No monthly fees, reasonable transaction rates (negotiable if you're high $$) and money is in your bank account usually within 24 hours. Of course if you have a special rate with your bank and just need Anet as the gateway to your bank's platform (like First Data), then Square would not be for you. But if you have Brick-and-mortar as well as online, then Square can use the same bank account but separate transactions by 'location' for easy accounting. We offer the EZ Squarepay addon.

Note too that Square is completely secure given the credit card fields are actually iframes serviced by square. You can also save customer cards (via tokens) so repeat customers can simply select from a saved card.

I don't have many choices for a credit card processor since I'm in the gun industry. I couldn't find the terms of service for Squarepay but most exclude this type of business.

Nope, they don't allow gun sales.... They also exclude all the normal industries that are either high-risk of chargeback or come into awkward social concerns. I think now days, social-media scorn can be more damaging and carry more potential liability than actual legitimate reasons....

We can still help you with the Anet stuff....

We don't sell guns or ammunition. We manufacture and sell bullets - just the projectile but we are still lumped into the same category. You are correct, social-media has falsely educated the population to promote their own agenda. The only danger our product poses is lead poisoning if you don't adhere to proper personal hygiene. Of course, if you drop a box on your foot, that would put us in the dangerous category also.