Authority To Collect State Sales Tax?

This question is for users running the latest version of Multivendor in the US. I am also struggling with the sales tax nightmare mentioned in a previous thread, however, I wanted to seek information about the very basic question related to collecting. As the marketplace owner (not the seller) am I allowed to collect taxes even though I am not the vendor that owns the merchandise? How are you guys handling the multivendor stores and the tax issue? The only way that it appears that I can make multivendor work is to incorporate a cloud based tax calculating service and serve as the custodian of the taxes. The cloud service handles the taxes and remits them to the state on behalf of me (the site owner). I am trying to find out if this could create a potential legal or tax issue.

Update: after reviewing the tax statutes and talking several times with the State agency, I have found the answer: anyone that possesses a State Sales Tax Permit, issued by the state, has authority to collect taxes. The act of collecting and remitting taxes, by definition, makes the marketplace owner the SELLER. Hope this is helpful to someone.