Authentication alternative to the side-box

For version 1.3.4 (tested in rc4)

No biggy here, also quick & dirty:

If you would like to replace the Authentication-side-box

with a box that dynamically opens/closes when clicking

an extra “Authentication”-button in the top-menu,

then add this code (less than 5 mins…):



skins//customer/main.tpl around line 55



{if !$auth.user_id}

{include file=“side_boxes/login.tpl”}


{include file=“side_boxes/logout.tpl”}



replace with:


{if !$auth.user_id}

{include file=“side_boxes/login.tpl”}


{include file=“side_boxes/logout.tpl”}





skins//customer/top_menu.tpl around line 60



{include file=“buttons/top_menu_button.tpl” but_content=“$lang.view_cart”}


add underneath:


{assign var="active" value=""}
{assign var="on_click" value=""}
{include file="buttons/top_menu_button.tpl" but_content="


[B][COLOR="Red"]STEP 3:[/COLOR][/B]
[B]skins//customer/styles.css add on the bottom:[/B]
.auth_box {
position: absolute;

This is what the result looks like:
(Clicking on the "Authentication"-button toggles the display of login-box)


Feel free to make it even nicer looking or so, i just did this q&d......

Of course you have to alter the top/left-parameters in styles.css, class
auth_box as described here if you use another style then the Lite-theme.


that is really great. can you post your site so we can see it in action

Hey Lisa!

I dont have a cs-cart site live yet. beginning 2007.

Waiting for 1.3.4 final, then i can start hacking lol.

There’s not a lot to see in action:

The normal side-box on the right (“Authentication”) is replaced

by a button in the top-menu as you see.

When you click on it, it shows the picture in my post.

Click again, and it dissapears. And so on…thats it…

I made it cause i hated all the space wasted on this box :o))

just a minor thingy…

i agree about having something just sitting there. plus i like the cool factor. i think ill do it. thanks alot for posting

somehow i keep getting a space in the word “forms” (fo rms)…even if i change it…so you know (end of 4th line in step 2)…mmmmm

tried it but my log in box dissapears. i dont have it on the top menu.

can you be a little more specific lisa?

i copied the code exactly as you had it. i have my log in on the right side and no top menu. when i put the code it my log in dissapears

Hi Lisa!

If your usual Authentication-box on the right menu dissapears, then that is correct.

Still dont work…that could be many things:

-you did it all in the wrong directory?

-in what skin did you try it?

-what browser you looking with?

-did you get my last correction about the space?

-did you do it in version 134rc4?

-did you sleep well last night? (lol)

i enclosed the 3 files as i have em in the

/skins/lite_orange/customer map:

see thread start for zip

(i have the css-change in the middle of the css-file somewhere btw…)



default blue



i never get any sleep LOL

what correction about the space?? mabey i need another 2 cups of coffee

[quote name=‘zoom4267’]

what correction about the space?? mabey i need another 2 cups of coffee[/QUOTE]

i think you do yes…go to sleep first and then come back!

i think it might not work since this one is made for

version 1.3.4 rc4 (i dunno if the rc matters…)

and you seem to be running 1.3.3?

If so, let me know and i’ll change them for you and post these

here as well lisa if you want, np!

that may be the problem (1.3.4) sleep is always a problem for me LOL.

the other mod didnt work for me either :frowning:

thats odd:

this should work in your version (works in my copy of 1.3.3):


and of course put the images flag_xx.gif in the skins images map…

works perfect here with 1.3.3 vision blue skin…

my whole site dissapears

yep, could be:

i just found out that ALL the code i added tonight (whether pasted between QUOTE-tags or not) have strange spaces inbetween the middle of the code at random! this is odd, since it comes from notepad here, so must be caused by the cs-cart forum.

Thats why i added this zip-file for version 1.3.3. try that and put

it in the map /skins//common_templates/

strange all…


tried it from the zip but same outcome, my log in dissapears. but i did change it form authentication box to login. mabey that is the problem

Hi nwsco

Nice little mod, very tidy, but we a script error in IE and in FF the box size is three times the norm.

Any idears nwsco


@lisa: that is because this mod is for version 1.3.4, not 1.3.3 as you use.

@zardas:i forgot to add the width & height to the css!

add this: (i added it to original post on top as well)



as to the script error: can you give me details:ie-version and error description? (i really dont have an error)


zardas: the error is also out now b.t.w.: i tested on IE7 and found a small error yes: its gone now.

re-paste step 2 from the topic-start and you’re fine.

:frowning: okay ill have to wait till i upgrade,

thanks for posting that