Austere Design - Image Background

Hi Lads

I´ve been trying to put an image background on the top corner of a sithe wich has “austere skin”.

Problem comes when austere background does already have definied a color background… when I try to add also an imagen on the top corner, writing it in the css styles file, background color dissapear (well it turns to white the whole background) and image appear where it should be… so main problem is I cant keep the color background and also add an image background.

Any ideas or any help?

Thanks in advance

[QUOTE]body {

background: #fff url(‘images/background.jpg’) repeat-x left ;


Look in the styles.css file for the body quote. On my example it puts the image as a background but has white behind it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your quick answer!!!

But I explain you.

The skin already has this code:

body {

background: #ecedee url(‘images/body_bg.png’) repeat-x;


The history would be to add another image in the top-right corner of the site, I would call it “antother background” because I would like to keep “body_bg.png” so I need another no-repeat image in the right corner over body_bg.png

Should I edit any tpl or something?

Thanks for all shiftlocked

I have read in some forums the way to use 2 images as background, it should be like this the css code:

html {

background: #000 url(“tiled.png”);


body {

background: url(“vertical.gif”) repeat-y;

background-position: 75px top;


Now the story is… Does someone know where (in what php or tpl ) file should I “call” to “html” div or tag ??

I keep working on it