AusPost shipping calculator has been failing for us today, anyone else having issues?

For those who may have the same problem it looks like AusPost changed their API URL

They must have retired their redirect today.

The cs-cart relevant file (in my older version) to edit is in shippings/aup.php

Yes the realtime calculator has been changed again !!

This is the older API that CSC v2.x.x uses, not the new API as used by v4.x.x

Auspost have not been supporting this older api for some time, and even though they say it still works, they keep changing the parameters that are allowed / returned and it brakes rea-time shipping.

Try communicating this issue to auspost and the response is that the API is "not supported."

So its up to cscart users to get a programmer to change the way cscart deals with the old API...AGAIN!

Unfortunately CSCart does not have the Volume-Mass equivilent function required to manually calculate Australia Post shipping methods accurately. So heres hoping that auspost dont dump the old calculator completely.

Theres 2 lines that need to be changed.

Thanks for the info, it seems to be working again. (v2.1.4)

Im wondering whether the changes we needed to make to stop local shipping methods showing for international customers are needed anymore with the new API?