Auction In Cs-Cart ?

It would be interesting to create system for one catégorie that would Bidding ((weekly selecting a product that is put to auction for 8 days)

if this: Sites-vidaxl-fr-Site


Cs-cart changes too frequently to allow the customizations needed for an auction. I did a reverse auction for V2 long ago, but the maintenance costs far outweighed the profits. And I'm pretty good at doing things for the long term.

Good luck. Be interesting to see what you come up with.

I would love that.

I have an auction add on that us almost done. Pm me for details.

isnt the problem the person who puts in the highest bid may decide not to pay for it?

If you are doing this maybe you should consider a second chance offer to the bid below as well.

There are a whole ton of issues that need to be addressed in an auction sale. You nailed the big one and if you can't keep CC info on file and the user has not signed away your right to charge, then you'll have issues in collections and then going to the next bidder who has probably forgotten about it or moved on.

Also, users have to be registered (which limits customer shopping) to bid.

But the biggest issue was the constant change of cs-cart classes and “container names” that enabled you to replace the pricing block with the current bid and count-down timer. Tweak, tweak, tweak. Then you end up with 45 versions of the same thing, one for each version of cs-cart. Royal pain and not worth the effort to the developer. But maybe Brandon has all this figured out. He's a bright guy and willing to put energy into something like this.