ATTN 1.35sp3 DEVS: Import ANY xml or csv datafeeds

The current functionality of the import functionality forces us to predefine an external csv file that has predefined fields, etc…

Using an affordable 3rd party script that I recently found (~ $90 USD) we’ll be able import any datafeed from any source (url, server, filesystem) in php, it will iterate through a list of “record” objects, no matter what the source file is.

Each record has a key and a value (field/value)

You can also access specific information about a record by providing a key value.

This would allow the creation of datafeed import profiles that would contain information as to the file location, the mapping information between [database product, image and feature fields] and the datafeed fields.

If you’d be interested in developing this type of admin addon, please get in touch with for specific requirements.