Attachment In An Order Cannot Be Opened

Hello, Anyone please assist me with the issue I came across when I clicked the attachment that came with an order I was taken to : "404 Page Not Found The page you have requested cannot be found." It is a custom order where customer filled up custom fields and uploaded a jpg file. So when the order came through I needed to download that jpg file attached. I was able to see the attachment but I wasn't able to download it. Your help is much appreciated. Best, Forrest

custom fields.jpg

404page when trying to download attachment.jpg

Try to reproduce the issue on the demo store. This is new feature and can have issues

I get this from time to time, not always.

We havent found an answer I assume the image didnt complete upload before the user moved away.

We just call them and get it emailed

It happened again to me today, and we have realised this particular order was an order that the customer chose to "reorder" from his account in the front end.

All the items "cloned" ok but the logo link was dead.

Maybe it is cloned orders is the problem, Im n V 4.52