Associated Products

Hi All

I will be selling inkjet and laser printers through cs-cart. On my current website we have an associated products option, whereby we can list the different inks for each printer.

The customer can choose to add to basket all the toners and the machine at the same time.

Is this possible in CS-Cart?

If I am not wrong, what you want is to create options for the printer with multiple checkboxes options.

However you have to create toners for the printers in a way that is not shared on the database for different printers.

there is also “required products” add on in which you can locate from the database and add it to the main product with but this is such a way that has no user optional price selection. “Required products” look only for the main product and currently does not support child products.

There is also “buy together” in which you may use . This support parent and child products as well. But the current buy together version is buggy and you must wait for the next version!!

You can also use product configurator but this may look too complex and currently does not support child products.

You can also create a block called “Related Products” that shows on the product detail page as a tab. See attachment.


Yes, There is also related products block feature which is very useful . I was almost going to say that you can not add to the cart at the same time with the main product.

But cart has been developed and although you can not add them all using single click, you can probably shift to the related products and continue to shop to add the other items as well with the new “pop up type of cart”

Hi. Thanks for the repsponses.

What version is related products available from?

This dates back to 1.3.5 and maybe even before that.

How can I apply them in v2.0.12.

Can this be done via import or is there an add-on location?

You can create a "Associated products’ block in Design->Blocks (Content: Products. Filling: Manually). You can then go to the Blocks tab of a product and set up the related products.


I would like to import Related products directly into SQL database. What is the table name of Related products?

you need to import into cscart_block_links.

They method i used:

  1. Create the block in the desired area
  2. Assign it to all products
  3. Manually add a related product (for reference below)
  4. Open cscart_block_links in a mysql table viewer
  5. Export all rows that have a link to the block_id for your block
  6. Create an import file with the 6 required fields from the above table

Thank you a lot peteyb ! I did it and save a lot of time.:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you also know how to switch on a chart on accessories lists?

This makes sense, however, when I look at the block_id, the associated products are listed as product_id’s (object_id and item_id). My original tables list the assoc. products as product_code’s. How can I easily convert thousands of different product_codes to product_ids in my tables?