Assigning Unique URL's for the Same Product, but Different COlor

I was wondering if there is a solution for the issue I'm having related to assigning unique URL's for Products.

I would like to for example:

I would like to add similar model number products, but with different colors, but displaying separately when a user searches for an item, but when the user clicks on the item have the other colors be an option to add to a cart.

For example: User searches for “Glasses #1”, or filters to the specific style,

Results should show like this:

Glasses #1 Color Black URL = /Glasses-1-black

Glasses #1 Color Orange URL = /Glasses-1-Orange

If user clicks on black, or orange he should be directed to the page that shows the specific color that he/she selected, but with the option for the drop down box to show the other color (black/orange).

Is this possible out of the box?