Assigning Product ID SKUs to options

We have a lot of products with multiple options. If we load the catalog with each variation of the product with its own sku, we end up with dozens of identical thumbnails and near identical product titles - similar to if say you were selling t-shirts and the different sizes all had their own sku, so on the website you would see multiple thumbnails for the white t-shirt. It creates a mess for the customer to wade through.

Instead we created products with SKU 123XX and the in the description for all the options is the actual SKU, like:

Aluminum Top (12341)

Steel Top (12342)

Titanium Top (12343)

There is no way to tell CS-Cart, if they select THIS option, then use THIS product SKU instead of the parent product sku. I know this isn’t a problem unique to CS-Cart but there has to be quite a few other stores that have run into this.

CS-Cart could really use a mod that allows you to optionally specify and “override sku” for each option. I realized that sku would have to actually exist as a product in the database. I would think we could still and the individual products for each option and just hide all of them and only have the parent XX sku visible

Anyone run into this or found a solution?

I found you can use Combination and list sku for each options

set main price to 0 and each option will have its own sku and price

i am trying to work out to hide the +

be interested to hear your full solution to this also.



Yes, can you please elaborate on which feature in CS-Cart you are referring to as “Combination” If you are trying to hide + it sounds like you are referring to the Buy Together feature?

Please elaborate with more detail. Thanks!

CS-Cart allows you to assign a SKU to unique combinations of Product Options. So, Red Shirt can have a different SKU than Blue Shirt. You can read more about this functionality here: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

That doesn’t seem to work. Here’s what we did. We have a product with two options. They are global options.

I went and checked the inventory box for the option. It is a selectbox option type with two selections.

The sku for the parent product is 283XX. The sku for the product when you selection the first selection is 28335. If you select the second selection it is 28340.

I added two combinations. Both combinations are just one option selection (so they really aren’t combining with any other options as there is only one option for the product). For each combination, which each has only one option selection value, I entered the corresponding SKU 28335 for the first one and 28340 for the second.

When I go to the product and select one of the the options and add it to the cart, the sku of the product in the cart is 283XX. I thought maybe this is because the cart still allows you to change the option. But I noticed when you click see details to see the option selected when viewing the cart, the SKU I assigned is not listed anywhere.

Further more, if you checkout, on the order details, the product sku is still 283XX and the option combination sku is no where to be seen.

So what does the SKU field on the option combination config really make CS-Cart do if it isn’t displaying those option combination skus on the order detail? Is it just decrementing the quantity for that SKU? That doesn’t help us much if the option combination SKU is not displayed in the shopping cart, or at least displayed on the order details which is kind of the whole point to using a sku as at fulfillment time you need to know the correct sku to ship.

Make sure you have “Inventory: Track with Options” set in the General tab of the Editing Product view. I’ve just confirmed this works with Global Product Options on

That did the trick. Thank you.

Is there any way you may know that the qty ins stock of each option is also shown.

I am doing end of line items so have set shirts to be whats available

i.e. I dont have small, but I do have medium and large so I havent entered small as and option but I have entered med with qty 102 and large with qty 54 inventory but it isnt shown anywhere in the product details.

I know when I try to add say 55 large to the cart it tells me there isnt enough (because I only have 54 in stock) but my ideal scenario is it would show how many is in stock on each option either when clicked on or as a table or something so the customer can choose depending on what I have in stock.




I understand what you are saying, but I haven’t explored any solutions as I don’t inventory anything. The Options Combinations system is designed to allow for any number of Options - potentially resulting in many, many unique combinations. Displaying all of those in an inventory matrix could be tough - essentially with an array of 3 or more dimensions. Because the inventory amount is tied to a specific option combination, I don’t see how it could be displayed within a single option. The simplest route might be to dynamically display the Option Combination inventory amount next to the Quantity input field. So, after the customer has selected a valid combination of options “X available” appears next to the input box.


Hi Glen, yes that would be enough, I will get in touch with CS for a quote I think

Thanks for the advice.