Assign new register user to an user group via parameter in url of signup form page

Auto assign new register to an user group seems a popular topic and never got solved as I searched in the forum so far.

Here is what I found. Maybe somebody can try this approach…

The sign up form page has parameter in url like this “dispatch=profiles.add&user_type=C”. After I create a new user group, a registered user can join this user group by manually activate it. The link of join has parameter like “dispatch=profiles.request_usergroup&usergroup_id=5&status=F”. I wonder if there is a way to include “request_usergroup&usergroup_id=5&status=F” into sign up form page url so the new register will be automatically added to a particular user group?

Appreciate any tips!



We have developed the Auto-Assign User Group add-on that allows to assign the newly registered user to a certain user group automatically.