As Usual... Bug In Cs-Market Product Need Someone Who Can Fix This

We just have an issue with the install. Its showing a parsing error.

Cs-market is helping us.

They think the problem is because we bought the same addon but we have an older buggy version, we wanted the newer bugfree version.

We thought it might be their distribution package that's missing files. But when we install it it keeps popping up the options menu every single admin page change and other errors.

What does "it stuff up ALL our CSS" mean?

Can you be more specific?

Genreally an addon will not overwrite css files but it may extend the properties of existing css classes. You should be able to simply disable the addon to NOT have their css included.

Throws an error that stops our css from loading with a parsing error

I think, CSS should be corrected in the files located here


Im not sure what to change it to.. i can read and understand what the code does but i dont know the syntax of the language!

The thing also it that I cant keep it installed otherwise the error makes the css on my cart stop, so i have to uninstall it straight away. Already we've lost sales because of lack of real support (cs-market is likely a one man band and time differences make it hard to offer support)
But the CS Market guy is nice. He told me the problem was because there was old files there with the same name... i thought maybe the code would overwrite it. but he says he has to clear some stuff.

I did a search of my site for accordion and deleted every trace and tried to install again, but i just get that same error about parsing. The file he supplied is just a contacts his website and grabs the code.

Try to open styles in the mentioned path and provide us with the line of code under this one > ul > a {

Sometimes artifacts remain in the var/themes_repository area that are re-installed when a new addon archive is applied.

You might try adding this small script to the root of your store ( Run it before re-installing your addon. It should clean things up to allow a new addon version to be installed without being impacted by a previous version.

Note that this should completely remove 95% of properly built addons. It will not remove any adjustments made to the database (other than the cscart_addons table). But it will (for all intents and purposes) remove an addon from a site. Strongly suggest you backup your site or at least all the directories where the remove script looks for addon files before executing this script. Remove the script when you are done since there is NO security checks or password requirements related to the script.

Usage would be:[NAME OF ADDON]

Clear the cache when you're done and you should not see any reference to [NAME OF ADDON] on your site.

You can set the $testing variable to true in the script to see what it would do without it doing anything.

[NAME OF ADDON] is the 'id' of the addon. I.e. 'my_changes' or 'google_export', etc.

Legal disclaimer: The above script is provided free of charge and as-is. It is not warrantied for any express purpose. The user is responsible for determining if the provided script is appropriate to their needs.

Thanks, that's a pretty handy addon!
That was the exact problem!

CS-Market was really good with all this too!

Cheers guys for all your help!