As the title says - "Why CS-Cart"

I just wanted to add this little Why I think you should choose CS-Cart…

Ive spent the last few days very actively monitoring the forums…

(of course waiting for news on the update)

I have noticed that theres very very very few complaints or bad things to say about the system, theres 1 good reason straight away…

I have also used the support relating to a payment gateway, my questions where answered very professionally whilst still “friendly” and understandable, not to mention resolved in a matter of hours.

The last reason well, … Have you tried it yet ?

If you have you will already know the reason… CS is the best there is !

If not I suggest trying either their online demo’s or downloading their trial version, then you will find the reason…

The list goes on, all the addons included, the useability, the possibilities, the professional look / feel, the well organised admin etc etc etc…

Now if you have purchased it & are lucky enough to see whats coming in their latest version when released soon (1.3.4) you will see that the best just got a whole lot better !

So there you go ! STOP READING THIS AND GO GET IT !!!

I spent some time looking into carts found this one.

Tried the trial version but thought that i need to dive right in.

From the start everything has been brilliant.

Pretty simple to install actually very simple. Only issue being that i cant create temporary databases with hosting no problem though.

Support is wicked. There hasent been a question that i have asked that they havent dealt with without telling me im thick as ****.

The back end is huge and i will try and find the issue and fix it myself but after an hour looking how to change something i just open a ticket and get the answer. Thats what my 30 days tech support are for.

In regards to the features its exaclty what i need.

Buy what gets me is the littlr things wish lists, backordering, coupons discounts the list goes on.

Nothing out there for this money exists not even close to.

Congrats CS Cart Keep up the good work and looking forward to the affiliate script.:grin: :grin: :grin: