Artificial Casting - Need Help Changing Thumbnail Backgrounds

I’m using the Artificial Casting Skin.

My online store sells books, which are usually taller than they are wide. This means on my thumbnails I have white space (literally, #ffffff) on each side of the thumbnail of the book. I would rather use a different color…say the same as the background color of the page. However, changing this value in the Administration>Settings>Thumbnails section does nothing.

I have searched and cannot find this value in the style sheets.

If anyone has successfully changed this background color to something other than the default white, I’d appreciate knowing how you did it.


It works for me. I am using ver 2.0.6 with Artifical Cast template.

Make sure your thumbnail images are .png format and have the books masked out with transparent backgrounds.

The value for the background color should be #f4e7bd


The problem seems to be that when I imported my product catalog, for some reason CS-Cart re-created all my product thumbnails, and in doing so made them square, filling in the spare space on each side with white. That’s why I couldn’t get away from the white.

I’m almost finished going through and changing all the thumbnails to not have the white parts.

Next on my to-do list is to change the background color of the short description to match the color of the background of the price/add to cart/sku area of the product details page. Haven’t found how to do that yet, but will keep looking.

Hi kingsleypress,

Did you find out the solution for Thumbnail with transparant Backgrounds?

I created a transparant Thumbnail in PNG. After I uploaded it, I saw transparant Thumbnail in option’s icon view, but it always display white background in front-end product page!