In the db_query function in fn.database.php there is a line of code I can’t quite decipher…

<br />
function db_query($query)<br />
{<br />
	Registry::set('runtime.database.long_query', false);<br />
<br />
	[B][COLOR="Red"]$args = func_get_args();[/COLOR][/B]<br />
	[B][COLOR="Red"]$query = db_process($query, array_slice($args, 1));[/COLOR][/B]<br />

```<br />
<br />
Anyone know what's going on here?  Both, func_get_args() and array_slice() are php functions. From the php manual online:<br />
<br />
func_get_args() -- Gets an array of the function's argument list. <br />
array_slice() -- returns the sequence of elements from the array array  as specified by the offset  and length  parameters.<br />
<br />
So maybe someone can help me figure out what is going in each of these variables so I can understand how this is working?  Thanks in advance.