Arrange "Promotion" - page

Hi all,

I have added a number of promotions but how can I control the order they are displayed? I want to sort them accordingly to the amount spend on the web-site but I have no idea how to do this. There is no id that I can edit.

Any tips?

I have still not figure it out.

Anybody can help me? I want to offer free shipment after an amount, a coupon after another amunt, 5% after another and so on.

But when I display the promotions page, all are mixt up.

How do I sort them?

They are sorted based on their priority I believe. Also note that if you want to offer free shipping based on the order total, it is calculated based on the order subtotal, this is before any coupon discounts are given. It does not subtract a discount from the subtotal before checking the free shipping condition. This is an oversight in the programming in my opinion and I’d like to see them change it’s behavior.

and there is no way to change this sorting?