Are you wondering why your forum posts are being deleted?

Hi all,

There is a few users on this forum that prefer to spam threads with unrelated discussion, while normally I’ld be moving the threads I believe this is taking up more and more time each day.

Just today I deleted 6 posts from the same user for spamming the exact text into 6 threads. I’ll do it again tomorrow until CTRL+V becomes extinct. Please remember we’re here to help each other, not to provide a commercial free-for-all.

I understand it’s ok to Jester in a thread (within reason) however posting something that has got nothing to do with the OP (Original Poster) helps no-one. Please exercise your right not to spam :smiley:

Habitual spammers will be blacklisted and banned from these forums. We are all here to help each other out, not bombard others with unwanted ads and for sale posts.

I think this CS-Cart forums should only be accessible to CS-Cart Users. Because I have seen some users who use null copy of the software and come here looking for mods and help… I think it is very unfair to the people who actually pay for the product and get their things done legally.

Well this is just my opinion …


I belong to another formum in which many topics are public, primarily for Pre-sale, hosting questions and general topics.

Other parts of the forum are only available to registered cart owners.

I tried joining another forum and was told that I could not without being a cart owner.

I like the hybrid as in the first scenario. I learn a lot about a cart before deciding to buy it, by reading the forums. Read only and non-posting, for non-cart owners may be a consideration.


Correct pb, the point of this is to allow new potential customers to see what the forums are like, see the users and interact a bit with us.

however, some forums are closed to customers only.

A fully locked down forum sucks…I know, I came from X.

Yes, Thats what I meant i my statement. Only Pre-Sale and general topics forums are open to public. But when all forums are open including the mods, help, config, installation of the software means that we are helping whoever and no way of knowing if the person is using the null copy or the legit copy of the software.

I dont know how cs-cart has its security done in terms of call backs. (im not a programmer) But I think it is a important thing that CS-Cart should take in consideration.