Are you using CM-CIC gateaway with success?

I would appreciate if there’s anyonelse out there that has succesfuly setup the CM-CIC gateaway with CS-Cart 2.X and CM-CIC v3 and is can help me to fix the folowing error:

Les informations transmises par votre commerçant ont une signature non valide :

Le niveau de sécurité exigé n’est pas atteint.

Which (from the error description in the CM-CIC website) might suggests that my parameters are not being persed correctly to the CM-CIC web site. I believe that this error can be due to a outdated “cmcic.php” file that ships with CS-Cart.

Would anyone endorse this theory? or would be able to help me to figure out what’s the real problem here?

Thank you.

Tiago Sá