Are You Purchasing Support?

Here’s a general question to all current users of CS-Cart:

The cart comes with 30 days of free support, starting on the day of your first support ticket. Those of you who have gone beyond the first 30 days, have you found that you need to purchase additional support, or are you finding that once you’ve got beyond those first few weeks, you no longer need paid support?

I am moving to CS-Cart from a different cart that charged $50 per year for updates and support was free (updates weren’t mandatory); so essentially if you wanted to keep up to date with all new features and security patches, total cost of ownership from year to year was $50.

It looks like cost of ownership for CS-Cart is zero from year to year if you can manage without support.

Let me know how it’s working for you.

I didn’t purchase any additional support because I took the credits instead. I guess I figure that I can get most of my help via these forums and the bug tracker and my credits (40) will last quite a while. If I have to purchase more at any time then I will.

CS is not free year to year. CS charges 50/year to maintain a subscription to get updates. (unless you purchased your license prior to the change in policy)

First year of updates is free and 30 days of support.