Are You Looking For Good Back Links ?

The must be loads of sites on this forum who need good back links to help their ranking in Google.

This is not just a request to share links with you, what I propose is if you are linterested in putting a few links on your site in exchange for your site link on other sites let me know.

I am prepared to look at all the site offered and pair them up on good related links. I'll avoid placing your competition on your site and I'll weed out any sites not worth linking to.

If your interested send an email with your url to

Also let me know how many links you are prepared to exchange, please not these won't be straught exchange. If 5 sites signup ABCDE then A might link to B but B might link to E, E might link to C. This is much better for ranking.

I can do advertising swaps if interested, I have an adserver site for that if you want to use banner for text ad locations on your site.

Lets try to help each other, if enough people sign up I'll also suggest this on a few other forums. Could get everyone 10 or 20 quility links.