Are Mobile Apps Supported For Multivendor Setting As Well?

Hi everyone,

I have a multivendor license and need to have a mobile app for my shops.
My understanding is that Cs-Cart will produce a dedicated mobile app for me.
But I wonder about some restrictions that occurr in the multivendor setting. Thats why I have the following questions. I hope I have placed this thread/topic in the right place within the forum.

1. Are self-developed addons or their functionality usable within the Cs-Cart mobile apps ?
2. Does Cs-Cart itself in any way have access to the data on the server where the Cs-Cart software including the DB data ?
3. Will there be an option to have dedicated mobile apps for the different vendor shops on the multivendor server instance ?
4. What kind of authentication/authorization standards or protocols are used for a login into the app and access to the server data ?
5. Is the google maps integration usable within the mobile app ?
6. Are only product items searchable within in the mobile app or also sellers within one (of the several in multivendor setting) vendor instance with their own sellers page ?

Would totally appreciate any information on this currently important topic.

Thank you.