Applying payments to open invoices

With my web store, I have specific pre-approved users, who can check out using an open invoice. They are not charged at the time of checkout, instead issued an invoice for a 30 day payment.

Now, For example. The most recent invoice I received a payment for $800 via check, so i would like to apply that to the open balance of $915 on a single order.

How can i still keep the order open but apply the credit?


Please don’t say that you are using your online store to keep track of your business accounts receivables ?!

Anyways… For starters you could create a new order status and name it something like “Partially Paid” & then just manually change the order status to this when a partial payment is rcvd…

Basically, multi payment for the same order? Is this possible?

A new status will not keep track of how the payments are made.

[QUOTE]Basically, multi payment for the same order? Is this possible?[/QUOTE]

I understand what you are attempting to keep track of, I just think you are asking too much of a shopping cart system, this should really be kept track of in your accounting system, but in the end that is your call. :wink:

Point is, an order is not “Paid” until it is actually “Paid in Full” (sorta like the checks in the mail scenario, it ain’t paid just because the check has supposedly been mailed)!

I don’t think there is an elegant (or even practical) way of keeping track of “Partiall Payments” applied to a specific order in CS-Cart. I would just leave the order status as “Processed” until all payments have been rcvd & cleared at which time I would change the order status to “Paid”.

You “Might” want to look over the recurring billing option in CS-Cart to see if you can somehow utilize this feature for your needs, however tracking these partiall payments in an actual accounting system will be a far better choice.