Applying a coupon code wipes out credit card info

Hello All,

When using the one page checkout in 2.1.1 we’ve found that if you enter and apply a coupon code (after entering in credit card info) during step 3 it clears out all the credit card info fields. I checked the live CS-Cart demo and it does the same thing with gift certificate codes. Has anybody else run into this issue? I’ve got a temporary fix going by moving the coupon and gift certificate code boxes above the payment method in step 3, however it would look better if it just worked with those fields in their original position. The way it is now the customer has to get out their credit card, enter all the info, and then has to enter it all again after applying a coupon code. That can’t make customers happy and may even lead to them not completing the order. Is this a bug or is it working the way it’s supposed to? Thanks for any help.


If behavior is as you report, then it’s definitely a bug and should be reported through the bugtracker.

I don’t use the one page checkout, but most likely when you apply a coupon code it refreshes the page so the totals are correct. This is what would clear the cc info since it is not passed to the page in the refresh.

The cc data should be posted along with the coupon code and then restored to the form when the page redraws…

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]The cc data should be posted along with the coupon code and then restored to the form when the page redraws…[/QUOTE]

Right, restoring the cc info is how it should work. I just stated how it most likely is working and CS Cart will probably say it is working as intended and claim some sort of security reasoning.

Thank you for the responses gentlemen. I’ve reported this as a bug, we’ll see what they say.


My initial fix of moving the code entry boxes caused more problems than it solved so instead I just added a message underneath the step title. Definitely not the ideal solution.