Apply tax to total (products plus shipping) not just products

Hi folks,

i am running a few cs-cart stores, but the one that I am stuck on at the moment is version 1.3.4-sp3.


I have a tax which is applied if the order is sent to anyone in Minnesota, but when the user goes to checkout. the tax is only applied to the products total, and then the shipping is added on top of this. How would I change this so that the tax is applied to the total of products plus shipping? I dont mind if this has to be a hardcoded hack but I would like some help tryin to work out where this should be applied.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and any help will be greatfully appreciated.



I think in 1.3.4 sp3 you need to go to Shipping Methods

Your Minn Tax needs to be highlighted on that page in the Taxes Box.

Worked a treat, will teach me to look more thoroughly in future.

Thanks for the swift reply.