APO/FPO Shipping

I can’t be the only one that ships to APO/FPO addresses using this cart. For now we have to have the customers put the address in the notes section which is not bad but isn’t as professional as I would like for my business to be. Anyone out there got the solution to adding the AE and APO to the shipping options?

Hello Taylorsnutrition,

You just reminded me this is something I also need to do!

For starters I believe you will need to manually enter the military states and countries into CS-Cart.

SGT Robert Smith

PSC 802 Box 74

APO AE 09499-0074

I think it’s more like city and state.

Found this at another site:

All APO/FPO addresses are considered to be United States addresses, even if the recipient is currently stationed in another country. (We ship to a military post within the USA, which then sends it overseas.) Thus, you should choose “United States” from the Country menu for any military package.

The “State” menu has three special states created especially for military addresses: AA (Armed Forces America), AE (Armed Forces Europe), and AP (Armed Forces Pacific). You will need both that and the zip code of the APO address you’re sending it to, or the address validation will fail.

For “City,” enter APO or FPO, not the destination city. Instead, enter the destination country (if it’s needed) on the second line of the address field. Your final address should look something like this:

In CS-CART, looks like you can add the states: AA, AE and AP. Customer would put APO and FPO in the state field

Thanks for clarifying Pbannette!

Yeah, it has been a couple of years since i have setup for military addresses, & I remember they basically have their own very unique internal postal system.

I am glad that you posted this. It reminded me to add them back into my Admin. I had it in my old store, just forgot to add it when I moved to CS-Cart.

CS-Cart should just add these states in the United States for their future versions.

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