Api Update Order Status Issue


New to CS-CART. I have been asked to integrate another system with CS-CART and whilst I am familiar with PHP I am using PYTHON in this case.

All is going well and I am able communicate via GET and PUT with the API. I have been able to retrive orders and a single order by ID.

However, I am attempting to update an order status from OPEN TO Processed (or any statsu actually) an I get a 200 response code and I can see some activity in the Order Admin log via the browser but the order flicks from its current status to 'incomplete', then h elog indicates the order is 'updated' and and then the final log entry indicates the status was flicked back to its original status.

Any ideas? Is there a low level debug log I can turn on for API calls?

I have attached a screen shot of the log entries


i have same problem at 4.11.3 MVE ,

if i change status only its not problem but i try change another fields then doing this problem.

Suggest these issues be reported through the bugtracker so at some point they will get looked at and resolved.

Can u share bug tracker link?

Button on the top of this screen. Upper right. You should see

Bugtracker | Members List | Docs

how I can add product in wishlist using API please help

I hope this is possible with the hidden storefront_rest_api module, which is used for mobile app. But CS-Cart did not public any documentation for this module. So if you are familiar with programming, examine this module