api cs v4

made a small php script to test api…


function make_cat($name) {
makes a cat/..

function make_prod($name) {

makes a prod

category works…

product creates one… result =




but i can't see in GUI…

seems it's not adding to cscart_products_categories

so i SQL'ed

INSERT INTO `csbeta`.`cscart_products_categories` (`product_id`, `category_id`, `link_type`, `position`) VALUES ('3', '3', 'M', '0'), ('3', '4', 'M', '0');

and all good…

beta or alpha ?

also in your api docs you say

Has maximal nesting depth of 2 (e.g. products/features, products/options, products/features/images)

depth of 2 , yet you show products/features/images which is 3

Thank you for your message. We will update API-documentation.

Trying out the API, I would need it to manage products and their variants.

I defined a product with variants in CS Cart, I can see the product data returned from api/products/ but there are no or fields in the returned JSON like the ones described in API documentation.

I am using 4.0.1beta2, is this something that has been added in a later beta? Are variants actually supported and working in the API?