Api Call For Final Price Of Product

is there a way to get the final price of a product (after promotions, discounts etc) using api?


I don't believe so. Catalog promotions are not applied because the API is usually run in Admin mode. Hence hard to determine conditions like user_id or usergroup that are common in promotions. Even if you rant it in customer mode, the promotion price would only apply to that user_id.

Of course you could extend the api to have it do promotion checks for a particular user before returning the price. You could also do it outside of the API via an addon controller. But again, that would be for a specific user (or unregistered user).

basically i am intersted only for unregistered users.

I have started to experiment with an extension to the API but i cannot get the extension to work.

If anyone has any ideas or can send me an offer for the development they are welcome.

Basically what i need is an API call to send the product code(or id) and return the final price for an unregistered customer (i.e. the price that i actually sell)

Feel free to use the link in my signature to request a quote and provide your complete set of requirements and restrictions. Do note that this will require you to adjust the 'tweaks' in config.local.php to allow the api to run as a customer and to setup a customer (non-admin) with an API key to be used.