Api Add User Issue

I am currently developing api code for a client and I'm having issues creating users in the API interface. I am running a test store on my own localhost and I don't have access to the clients actual store, so i hoping its just an issue with the configuration, but the Users API will not accept C or A for the user type. when i run:

curl --user email:Key --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"email": "wolf@example.com", "user_type": "c", "firstname": "John", "lastname": "Doe", "password": "pahashword"}' -X POST 'http://localhost/cscart/api.php?_d=users'

this code works fine and adds the user, however it sets the user type as 'c' and not “C” and i have to manually open the users configuration and save it again without doing anything. it puts it in the right user group, but doesn't actually set the correct variable and if i don't open and close the users configuration, they cant log in. If i try “C” instead of “c” i get. When i do just open and save the configuration it sets the user type to the correct “C” and the user can login.


above is the json user data i get when i do a general users query

{"message":"Bad Request: Access denied","status":400}

this is the same for the status too, so i leave it blank and it defaults to “A”. but if i try to specify it it does the same thing. it will not allow me to pass the correct capital values