Apex SPG


Racing retailer who sells race car safety equipment locally and is/was looking to increase his internet presence as well. Great business and has been a pleasure to work with to say the least!

The new CS-Cart site has been live for about two weeks. We’re still tweaking it on a daily basis, but traffic and buzz is picking up fast. It’s a huge improvement from the old site, and I can’t wait to see what sort of sales volume we will be able to generate.

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike!

Hey Paul, I know I’m a little late on this one, but a couple thoughts

Being a long-time flasher, I’d highly recommend a big, noticeable “Mute” or “Sound Off/On” button. Nothing fuels instant bounce rate like a blaring sound track coming up on a site with no immediately noticeable way of turning it off. You might also give it a much more gradual fade-in so that the visitor can hear it coming.

Also, that Flash element is centered and has nothing on either side of it, so you might as well bump the horizontal size specification to 100%. That way when some of the larger, horizontally oriented images zoom in, they won’t be cut off on the edges. This won’t change the .swf file size or image quality, and flash naturally centers its content based on original source file stage size anyway.

Just my $.02!