Anyway To Automate Products To Facebook & Google Merchant Center?

I want to know a way integrate my products with facebook products catalog and google merchant center so that I don't have to upload data feeds manually.

Please HELP Me Soon.

You can export feeds to Google Merchant Center by cron and use FTP upload

Ftp details should be set up in the feed settings

As for Facebook, I think, it is not possible out of the box

Take a look at this one:

It seems like they have lot of extra features.

Please help I really want a hassle free way to automate to facebook without errors.

Anyone know how to edit the Data Feed exporter so that it probably formats the prices in my google merchant feed?

For example, prices export as 1500.00 but google requires it to be 1500.00 USD

And shipping exports as 25.00 when google requires US:::25.00 USD

You can extend schema with exported fields by editing the following file


For existent functions you can extra functions which will return values in the required format