Anyone want to Qoute This ?

If anyone has done something like this or would like to quote it, please let me know.

Would like a form to appear on product page Only IF a product is a -0- price product with user input price requested option selected. That Form to be added to the default page layout right above everything that already appears.

Form would accept 2 floating point and 1 logical input entered by user.

Those 3 user inputs from that Form along with 2 floating point variables(list price & weight) from the active product array would be used to compute a price when a compute button on the form is pushed. .

That computed price is to be shown in the space where the user otherwise would have typed a price using the keyboard.

From that point on the computed price would work in the cart program as if it had been typed onto the product page by the user directly.

You should also note that I submitted a bug report to CSC about how the cart promos and options do not work with -0- price products with user entered price. They have confrimed the bugs and posted a partial fix and say they are working on it firther. They have classified the problem as high severity.

This approach is my attempt to find a way to solve the problem I have seen mentioned frequently in this forum by those needing a computed price that cannot be handled using product options and promotions. I don't know enogth to code the concept myself.

If you can help, please provide fixed price quote and when this could be completed.

thank you