Anyone using Woopra?

I have been using the real time analytics service Woopra for years, and recommend it to anyone who like to track live visitors on their shop.

My question is: Where do i place the Woopra-code in Twigmo? Right now Woopra is not counting or tracking visitors who are using an iPhone. Can i make a new block in the Twigmo-block and ad it there, or is there some kind of templatefile that would do the job better?

I am guessing the same question can be asked about Google Analytics too. Where to put the Google Analytics code in Twigmo?



Thank you for your questions.

First, let me answer your question about Google Analitics. As you may know there is Google Analitics add-on in the default version of CS-Cart 2.x and 3.x. If you enable it in your CS-Cart (Administration > Add-Ons > Google Analitics) and configure, the appropriate Google Analitics scripts will be also added to the mobile version of your online store (powered by Twigmo) automatically.

However, since Twigmo Mobile Front-End is a one-page web appplication (the page content is reloaded using AJAX and the whole page is not reloaded), you will have no statistics of customer actions in your Google Analitics reports. You will only see how many visitors used iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc while browsing the mobile version of your store.

If you want to add a custom HTML or JavaScript code (e.g. Woopra script) to all Twigmo Mobile Front-End pages, you should edit /skins//customer/addons/twigmo/mobile_index.tpl template and add your code to it. If you need our assistance with adding your code to this file, please submit a ticket at [url=“My account -”][/url].

At this moment, Twigmo supports a limited set of CS-Cart block types and unfortunately, it does not allow adding custom block types. Nevertheless, Twigmo supports HTML blocks which can be used to display arbitrary HTML content on the Twigmo Mobile Front-End home page (and only on this page!).

I hope this information will be helpful for you.